The Vision of Chief Minister Punjab

“The PPIC3 Project is part of the Chief Minister’s vision to enhance the security of lives and property of the citizens of
Punjab by employing smart technology and equipping Punjab Police with modern surveillance capability. The project will
not only enhance Punjab’s security but will also boost economic development by attracting local and foreign investment.”

Punjab Safe Cities Authority
Punjab Safe Cities Authority



Punjab Safe Cities Authority

Your Safety, Our Priority

Integrated Emergency Response

Counter Terrorism Surveillance

Intelligent Traffic Management System

4G/LTE-A Communication

Accountable Law Enforcement


Safe, peaceful and prosperous
cities of the Punjab.


The PSCA shall improve the law
enforcement capacity of Punjab Police
by incorporating state-of-the-art technology
and implementing a new police culture.


Five core values define our work in the
21st century: Equality, Respect, Innovation, Partnership, Integrity and Dedication.

Contract signed for development of PPIC3 Center Lahore with Huawei Corporation

Punjab Safe Cities Authority

Inaugural Session of Training

Punjab Safe Cities Authority
Peaceful Punjab - Prosperous Punjab
Punjab Safe Cities Authority

Safe City Projects


1st PSCA Cricket Tournament Held on 12th November 2017

By ppic3 / NEWS/ PPIC3 Lahore News
13 Nov 2017

1st PSCA Cricket Tournament Held on 12th November 2017

Being vigilant requires the nourishment of all your mental faculties: And that through Sports. Sports has a unique power to attract, mobilize and inspire. It teaches us the moral values like respecting the opponent, acceptance of binding rules, teamwork and fairness. The 1st PSCA Cricket Tournament Held on 12th November 2017.    

70th Independence Day Celebrations at PPIC3 Centre

Punjab Safe City Lahore Coverage by Express News