Safe Cities project broadens its horizon to Faisalabad

15 Apr 2017

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After Lahore, Faisalabad is going to become part of the Safe City initiative. The Safe City project is expected to roll out high-grade surveillance solution for the city of Faisalabad, helping law-enforcement authorities in curbing crime, and in improving governance as well.
Punjab Government is committed to securing the citizens with ultra-modern technology. Establishing IC3 centers is the vital need of era where crime is also revolutionized and structured technologically.

“About the Faisalabad Safe City Project”

The Safe1 City project will connect Faisalabad by way of high-grade surveillance cameras with facial recognition software. The cameras will be connected via 4G technology, allowing them to transmit CCTV footage to control rooms that monitor video feeds from these cameras.They can prove to be instrumental in controlling the crime rate in the industrial hub of Punjab and help law-enforcement agencies monitor criminal, terrorist and suspect elements.