07 Feb 2019


With the compliments of Public Relations Office,

Punjab Safe Cities Authority, Lahore.

HANDOUT No.182/Media Manager 


Lahore Feb 07:

Pakistan Rangers Officers from Pakistan Rangers Academy, Mandi-Bahauddin, visited PPIC3 center, Punjab Safe Cities Authority Lahore. The visit was planned out jointly by both organizations with reference to the academy’s request of Study Tour – Refresher Promotion Cadre Inspector to Deputy Superintendent Rangers seeking first hand insight of the PPIC3 faculty. The delegation was comprised of 42 officers from different flanks of Rangers (Punjab) and their instructors. The batch was apprised of functions and structure of the premier project of Punjab Safe Cities Authority by the Chief Operating Officer, Abkar Nasir Khan and lead officials of the authority heading various units. The delegation was taken to various arms and functions of the project dealing in 15 Operations, Police Dispatch Unit, Video Control Unit, Media Monitoring Unit and the PSCA insignia Cam-surveillance Operations Management Center. PSCA officer briefed the delegation with audio visual presentations on various objectives as well as operational approaches and enforcement mechanism of PPIC3 resulting in wonderful outcomes. The Rangers delegation highly appreciated the technologies and practices in place as were demonstrated to them in details. They showed keen interest in the unprecedented Facial Recognition Technology buttressed with swift and automated police interception protocols. They termed PPIC3 a monumental achievement towards integrated policing in Punjab. The Rangers officers were later awarded with shields and souvenirs from the management of PSCA – the whole visit was referred to as “Lifetime Experience” by the Rangers delegation. PSCA’s premier project PPIC3 is a consolidated hub of integrated policing regulating swift Emergency & Police responses including, but not limited to, intelligent traffic management, dispatch of Punjab Police, PRU and Dolphin Force, 1122 Emergency response, Criminal Identification/Investigations, virtual surveillance and Media Monitoring.


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