Objectives and Benefits

Programme Objectives:

The Programme aims to bring together the innovative Concept of Operations (ConOps), quality focused business processes with integrated cutting-edge technology to provide an operational solution that delivers:

  1. Modern infrastructure to provide real-time information and intelligence.
  2. Provision of high quality emergency response systems to the public.
  3. Facilitate evidence based decision making in operationally critical situations within the Punjab Police departments to ensure seamless service delivery to the public.
  4. Implementation of a consolidated IC3 organizational operating model to optimize cross agency coordination, communication, and effectiveness of public safety and emergency services delivery.


Programme Benefits:

  1. Improved Service Delivery

Making changes to the Punjab Police culture, structure, technology and processes will enable provision of integrated emergency services like Rescue 1122, Fire Fighting and disaster relief to the police and public.

  1. Traffic Management

A major benefit of the project will be traffic management, where public will be informed of traffic density and alternate routes will be planned for them through the Variable Messaging System, and through broadcast; thus minimizing journey times and stops at traffic signals, which will save enormous costs of fuel and time. E-Challans will be also possible through the system.

  1. Monitoring Law and Order

Anticipatory technologies will ensure that police responders are available for real time monitoring of processions and law and order situations. It will ensure efficient resource deployment for optimum effect.

  1. Electronic Evidence Collection

The PPIC3 Programme also aims to increase public satisfaction levels as real time comparison of suspected persons with criminal and other allied departmental databases will make apprehension of record holders instantaneous.

  1. Crime Reduction

The Programme envisages that roughly 20 percent of crimes such as rioting, destruction of public and private property, 28-30 percent of vehicular crime, and 15-20 percent reduction in crimes against property such as house burglary, robbery, and street crime will be achieved in the first five years of operation.

  1. Secure Police Communication

The Police will be on a dedicated LTE/4G network for secure communication through UAVs and Mobile command and control centres.

  1. Accountability

Enhanced monitoring of the public spaces, better utilization of police resources and improved command and control infrastructure will lead to better security for the capital city and its residents and visitors.