All employees are expected to be courteous and treat fellow employees, customers, and visitors to the Centre with respect at all times.  Words or acts of hostility, and verbal or physical abuse will not be tolerated.

As employees representing a public service, each person has the obligation to conduct themselves in a manner befitting of public trust.  It is the Authority’s policy that every customer be treated with the utmost respect at all times, regardless of the difficulty or adversary of their situation.  It is expected that all employees of the Centre will conduct themselves in a professional manner at all times.

Employee Attitude

All employees will regard the discharge of their duties as a public trust and recognize themselves as a public servant. Through proper and relevant training and sincere attention to self-improvement, they shall strive to serve the public safety through the resources available. They must also strive to preserve all human relations through application of skills, effective leadership, and acceptance of the liabilities of their profession. They should hold their profession as honorable while rendering valuable services to their community and country.

Gifts and Favors

Employees bear the heavy responsibility of maintaining honor and integrity within their agency and community. They must guard themselves against being placed in a position of compromise by never accepting a gift, favor or other gratuity that might be offered with an expectation of anything in return or perceived as such by others. They should never place themselves in such a position as to where their decisions shall be influenced by gratuitous actions of other.

Conduct Towards Recklessness, Misconduct, and Incompetence

Employees should use their skills strictly in accordance with legislation, agency policy and procedures, and ethical standards of their profession. They should always have a positive and professional attitude. They should conduct themselves properly, and within their legal authority, when dealing with all citizens they are sworn to protect, including those citizens that have broken the law.

Employee Conduct toward the Public

Employees should remain mindful of their duty to the whole community, shall deal with each citizen in a professional manner. They shall conduct themselves in a manner that will instill confidence and trust. They will always act without prejudice or preference. Courtesy, confidence, and concern will be maintained at all times.

Employee Private Conduct

Employees should be mindful of the public’s recognition of them as public safety professionals. Laxity in conduct in community activities, expressing disrespect for their profession or the law, or attempts to gain special privilege, will bring disrespect to them and their profession.

Secure Information

Employees must not access, use or disclose any official information e.g. information kept on/being recorded on the computers and without proper authorization or lawful reason. Failure to comply with this requirement will result in individual liability for a criminal charge and disciplinary action, including dismissal.  They must make sure confidential information cannot be accessed by unauthorized people and sensitive information is released only to relevant people who have a lawful access need.

Promoting Ethical Behaviors

Employees must promote ethical behavior among the subordinates and peers within PPIC3. They must not engage themselves in any unethical behavior, and must report unethical behavior they witness in others.

Conflicts of Interest

Employees must not engage in outside employment or activities, including seeking or negotiating for employment, that conflicts with their official Government duties and responsibilities.

Failing to Perform Duties

Strict action, including disciplinary controls, and possible dismissal from duty, will be taken against the employees, who are found involved in serious negligence including, but not limited to:

  • Failing to report an accident;
  • Failing to make proper effort to procure witnesses;
  • Producing false reports or statements;
  • Concealing facts concerning matters under investigation; and
  • Careless attitude.

Criminal Offences

Any employee who commits a criminal offence during the time of their employment with the Authority will be subject to disciplinary action, and/or termination of employment – depending on the severity of the crime.  No employee will be protected from criminal proceedings due to their position and employment with PSCA, and any criminal activity will bring upon the person committing the offence the full penalty of the law.

Reporting Improper Conduct

All employees are expected to uphold the standards of professional behavior in the police service by taking appropriate action if they come across the conduct of a colleague which has fallen below these standards. Such conduct is never to be ignored and should be reported to a supervisor, or senior member of staff, confidentially if necessary to ensure the behavior can be addressed appropriately.

Dealing with Media

Media personnel may call and ask to speak directly with a nominated public affairs officer. Employees should be careful not to provide any media representative with any information/opinions that could constitute an interview. As soon as employees recognize that they are speaking with a media representative, they are to refer them to media monitoring unit of PPIC3 Centre.

Attendance at Work

Employees should be aware of their rostered duty hours and ensure they present themselves for work as required.  If a personal day is needed, the employee is to seek approval from their supervisor with at least two (2) days’ notice, unless it is an emergency situation.  Employees may swap shifts with the prior permission of their supervisor and with two (2) days’ notice.

Arrival and Departure Times

All employees are required to report to their workplace 15 minutes before the nominated start of their shift.  This includes having cleared security, secured personal items in lockers, and being at their nominated office / control room / desk to commence handover prior to the commencement of their shift.

Use of Personal Electronic Devices

Employees are strictly prohibited from bringing mobile phones, cameras, personal laptop, flash drive/USB or any other gadget to their workplace.  All items must be turned off and secured in lockers prior to the commencement of shifts, and not taken to desks or individual offices, unless the employee has prior approval for the use of such items for the purposes of their position.


All employees are to ensure that their uniform and work attire are clean, pressed and fit for purpose. Employees shall wear uniforms properly, presenting a professional image, which is easily identifiable to colleagues and stakeholders. All staff must wear their PPIC3 RFID identity / access card during duty hours.

Personal Safety

Employees need to be conscious of their personal safety and the safety of their fellow employees, customers, visitors, and others. Sound judgment, safety and vigilance need to be maintained at all times. Report any unsafe condition that may result in personal injury. Safety is everybody’s responsibility.


Smoking is banned throughout the building except in designated smoking areas located on the first floor. Employees are ONLY allowed to smoke during lunch break and tea break provided by the respective supervisor.

Violence in the Workplace

PSCA does not tolerate threats or acts of violence in the workplace or during transportation to and from the workplace.  Any breach of this policy may result in a recommendation for immediate removal from the workplace (suspension), termination of employment and/or criminal prosecution depending upon the seriousness of the issue as determined by PSCA.  Violations include, but are not limited to the physical force against another individual or acts or threats of violence in any form or manner whether verbal or non-verbal.


PSCA is committed to providing a workplace free of harassment based upon race, color, religion, national origin, ancestry, age, physical or mental disability, medical condition, marital status and gender. PSCA strongly disapproves of and will not tolerate harassment of any employees by its Managers, Supervisors or co-workers. Violations of this policy will result in disciplinary action up to, and including immediate discharge depending upon the seriousness of the violation as determined by the Authority.


Employees of the PPIC3 Centre will encounter information and situations of a sensitive nature as part of their day to day job function.  No employee is to disclose information about any incident, any customer, or any other matter outside of work.  It is possible that disclosure of any detail could result in a client or situation being recognized and identified with negative consequences.

All clients of the PPIC3 Centre have a right to confidentiality when using the service, and all employees of the Centre have the responsibility to maintain this confidentiality.  Failure to do so will result in disciplinary action and possibly dismissal.