Mobile Phone Use

Mobile phones are not permitted to be used in the PPIC3 Centre. Officers /operators are to leave mobile phones switched off, in their lockers at the commencement of their shift.  Supervisors are to enforce this rule.


Any kind of photography and use of cameras is strictly prohibited within the PPIC3 Centre.

Prohibited Items

The following items will not be permitted within the PPIC3 Centre:

  • Weapons of any kind;
  • Narcotics or other prohibited items;
  • Harmful or dangerous equipment;
  • Photography equipment;
  • Laptops and personal computers; and
  • USB flash drives.

It should be noted that some personnel will be granted permission to bring laptop computers, USB flash drives and photography equipment on a pre-approved basis.  Senior personnel will be granted permission for laptop computers in accordance with the requirements of their role.