Published On: January 1, 2020

PSCA helped reduce the crime rate, President LCCI

The LCCI delegation included President Irfan Iqbal Sheikh, Senior Vice President Ali Hassam Asghar, Vice President Mian Zahid Javed were among others senior officials. Managing Director PSCA Malik Ali Amir briefed the delegation on PSCA scopes and ambit. The integrated Policing curbed down the police response time in the city, said the MD. We are playing optimum part in restoring peace and intelligently managing traffic in the city, he added. Every Jawan of the force in possession of LTE handset is capable of real-time video footage relay to the center from the scene, he apprised to the astonished delegation.
PSCA helped reduce the crime rate, said President LCCI. To witness this marvel of technology and prowess in Pakistan is a nice surprise, said SVP LCCI. The delegation was briefed about various arms and functions of the project dealing in 15 Operations, Police Dispatch Unit, Video Control Unit, Media Monitoring Unit and the PSCA insignia Cam-surveillance Operations Management Center. PSCA Present souvenir shields at the end of the session.