Ashura, Punjab Safe Cities Authority will monitor 24 hours with more than 600 cameras
Published On: February 2, 2021

Punjab Safe Cities Authority has finalized security arrangements regarding Muharram ul Haram. According to details, monitoring of mourning processions was started from the beginning of Muharram through surveillance cameras installed by Punjab Safe Cities Authority across the metropolitan city. More than 600 cameras will continue to monitor the procession routes from different parts of Lahore on 9th and 10th Muharram through the cameras installed by the authority across the city.

According to the spokesperson of Punjab Safe Cities Authority, in order to make the security more effective, the authority has also completed a survey of the procession routes in the collaboration with Lahore Police, on which the authority will install portable cameras at 26 more points. PSCA will also monitor the main Ashura Procession with his mobile command vehicle. More than 230 Police Communication Officers from Punjab Police Integrated Command Control and Communication Center headed by Operation Commander SP Asim Jasra will be on duty in 3 shifts. Members of others collaborating law enforcement agencies will also be on duty in the IC3.