Published On: December 11, 2021

Detailed Briefing Given to the Delegation On the Security Arrangements.
Security Delegation praised and appreciated the efforts and arrangements by PSCA.

Lahore Dec 11:
A high-level security delegation of the Australian Security team along with PCB Officials visited Punjab safe cities authority headquarters at Qurban lines on Saturday to assess security arrangements. The Operation commander PPIC3 gave a detailed briefing on the security arrangements by safe cities authority outside and inside the Qaddafi stadium, airport, hotel, and on parking routes with the use of 4G/LTE technologies. The operation commander also briefed about the deployment of the police force and the support of law enforcement agencies on the fool-proof security. The delegation received a detailed security briefing about surveillance footage of the security arrangement made for the Sri Lankan and Bangladesh matches held in Lahore was also shown to the delegation. The security delegation was impressed by the monitoring with the help of cameras and expressed satisfaction over the security arrangements by PSCA. Later, Security delegation praised and appreciated the efforts and arrangements made by PSCA. The visit was concluded with the presentation of a souvenir shield to the delegation from the Punjab safe cities authority.