Monitoring of Air Quality Index entrusted to Punjab Safe Cities Authority PSCA to issued E-challan to smoke emitting vehicles
Published On: December 13, 2019

Judicial Environment Commission holds important meeting in Punjab Safe Cities Authority.

In the context of the deteriorating situation of smog in Lahore, a major decision was made by Judicial Environment Commission. According to the details, Lahore air quality index monitoring was handed over to Punjab Safe cities Authority. Judicial Environment Commission held an important meeting in PSCA. The meeting was attended by Deputy Director Department of Environment, Ali Ejaz, Legal Advisor Focal Person Syed Kamal Ali and Chief Operating Officer Punjab Safe Cities Authority Akbar Nasir Khan. The meeting was chaired by Chief Operating Officer Akbar Nasir Khan. On this occasion, it was decided to issue e-challan to the smoke-emitting vehicles while taking action against the smog-causing vehicles. PSCA Team catches the smog-causing vehicles with the help of PSCA cameras.
The Punjab Safe City Authority’s cameras will monitor smoke erosion vehicles on the exterior routes and busy areas of Lahore city. It has also been decided in the meeting that a representative of the Environment Protection Department will also perform duty in Safe city Station.