PSCA Releases Stats of PUCAR-15 for April 2020
Published On: February 2, 2021

Punjab Safe Cities Authority has issued statistics of PUCAR-15 for April 2020. The Police Unified Communication and Response-15 Emergency Helpline received 18,79,001 calls, out of which, 10,73,445 calls were considered hoaxes and on approximately 1,24,136 calls, with genuine concerns and generated cases for further action and 5,62,738 calls were Drooped . 51,736 of the calls received sought for information, consultancy, traffic management or CTP help.

PSCA extended its services in 2,068 cases pertaining to traffic offenses and 3,959 cases pertaining to SOS read alert cases.

PSCA has also 14,551 Received calls against crime in person and 19,976 calls crime against properties and 20,795 public order cases. PSCA is determined to extend its services and cooperation with LEAs, and all others in need, whenever required. Citizens are requested to contact PUCAR-15 helpline in case of any emergency or to report illegal activity in Punjab.