Published On: February 2, 2021


Chief Operation Officer (COO) Akbar Nasir Khan Chaired a meeting in PSCA to review the Monitoring arrangements for Pakistan Super League (PSL5) Cricket matches on Saturday. The meeting was attended by the Operation Commander, DSP, s police and the management of PSCA.

PSCA has dedicated 3 teams of Police Communication Officers in total to monitor the routes taken by PSL teams from airport to hotel to stadium and back in addition to the stadium and connecting communities with the help of 600 PSCA cameras. This surveillance and monitoring will be reinforced with facial Recognition cameras, Mobile Command Center and LTE handsets. COO Akbar Nasir Khan Instructed to Operation commander and DSP, s, all SOPs of IC3 center should be strictly followed and complete co-operation with Lahore Police & law enforcement agencies. Added more, Also stay in touch with PCB officials for better security arrangements. Deputed SP in IC3 Center from Lahore Police will be responsible for the coordination and timely action in case of any issue. Punjab Safe Cities Authority is committed to ensuring best surveillance and security arrangements in aid to law enforcement agencies.