The City of Gujranwala

The City of Wrestlers

Gujranwala, also known as the city of wrestler for giving top wrestler to the country, is a city based in Punjab and is the 7th most populous city of Pakistan. It is one of the fastest growing cities of Pakistan and has currently become an important industrial city. the local language spoken there is purely Punjabi with Urdu and English being used as a second language. Gujranwala essentially has a hot climate but also experiences low temperatures during winters.

The city has extensive road and rail links which Gujranwala is known for its extensive production of sugarcane, melons and grains for international export.Gurdwara Rori Shb is located 2 kilometers south east of Eminabad, an old town between Lahore and Gujranwala. It is a sacred shrine and holds its significance as Guru Nanak had stayed here after the destruction to the town. It has a large pond in its locale and other stunning buildings surround it, making the site more attractive.

You will easily find the top international food chains in Gujranwala. Apart from that some famous Pakistani resturants that one must try are Bundoo Khan, Shahbaz Tikka and Royal garden that not only have great food but also good ambience.

Gujranwala is one of the best city for shopping. From the modern shopping malls and centers, to the traditioanl bazar, from Pace a shopping mall inaugrate in 2007 to Satellite model town to Butta Plaza and Rail Bazaar, Gujranwala offers you everything from deeply embedded culture things to branded products. A dream come true to shopaholics.

Visuals of latest development viz PPIC3 Gujranwala

By PPIC3 / NEWS/ PPIC3 Gujranwala, 2020

As per directions of CM Punjab, PPIC3 Centre of Safe City Project is under construction in Gujranwala. Other than safety and security of the host city, this project is also a source of employment to Hundreds of Young IT Professionals who will be instrumental in changing the Police Culture with their enlightened and energetic efforts for a peaceful, prosperous and safer Punjab.