Police Traffic Management System (PTMS)

In present-day times, the number of vehicles in Lahore city has increased drastically, but in contrast, the capabilities of our roads and transportation systems still remain underdeveloped and as a result, fail to cope with this upsurge in the number of vehicles. As a consequence, traffic jamming, road accidents, increase in pollution levels are some of the common traits that can be observed in Lahore. PSCA has taken the initiative to tackle the traffic issues of Lahore by deploying state of the art Intelligent Traffic Management system with centralized control in PPIC3.

The Police Traffic Management System (PTMS) established by PSCA in Lahore helps to resolve the numerous challenges being faced by the road users, traffic police and other traffic management authorities. The system is centralized controlled and have following components for Traffic Laws enforcement, managing journey time, adjusting signal timings and providing advance information to road users:

Police Traffic Management System established to provide smooth travelling environment with the help of intelligent traffic management component and to enhance the surveillance with advanced vehicle capturing and recognition techniques. These objectives have been achieved with deployment of following component:
1. Red Light Monitoring System (RLMS)
2. Journey Time Management System (JTMS)
3. Police Traffic Signal Control (PTSC)
4. Variable Message System (VMS)
5. E-Challan System

1. Red Light Monitoring System (RLMS)

Red light Monitoring System installed at important/critical intersections to collect data of all passing vehicles in addition to generating E-Challans of the following types of violations for enforcement of traffic laws:

  • Red Light Violation / Traffic Signal Violation
  • Wrong Lane or Wrong Turn Violation
  • One Way Violation
  • Line, Lane or Zebra Crossing Violation
2. Journey Time Monitoring System (JTMS)

Journey Time Monitoring System installed at signal free corridors, entry and exit points, major important / critical locations and at points fur surveillance and monitor the speed of vehicles.

3. Police Traffic Signal Control (PTSC)

Police Traffic Signal Control System has been installed to provide centralized connectivity of traffic signals. The operations such as adjustment of signal timings, managing VVIP movements and deployment of timing / sequence plans can be made remotely. Following are the key benefits of Police Traffic Signal Control System (PTSC):

  • Centralized Signal Control
  • Field / Local Signal Control (In-case of Emergency of Connectivity lost)
  • Actuated Signal Control to adjust traffic signal timings based on vehicles presence.
  • Managing VVIP Movements
  • Provision of sufficient signal timing for safe Pedestrian crossing / movement.
4. Variable Message Signs (VMS) System

Variable Message System has been installed in Lahore to provide information to road users through VMS Screen installed along roads. These screens are centralized connected with PTMS system and road users are informed timely to plan their trip accordingly in addition to following information:

  • Traffic Situation
  • Road Closures and alternative routes
  • Messages regarding traffic Laws
  • General messages related to safety precaution, special event message etc.
5. E-Challan System