The City of Lahore

The City of Gardens

Lahore is the second largest city of Pakistan and the provincial capital of the Punjab. Historically, it is said to be about 2000 years old. In earliest times, it was a colony of Kangra hill Kingdoms and was a cut-off township on the trade route to Dehli it had hardly any reputation in the Pre-Muslim era. Lahore came to fame with Islam in South Asia, known as the Gardens of the Mughals of city of Gardens , after the significant rich heritage of the Mughal Empire.

Lahore culture is unique due to its history. Known as the culture capital or the heart of Pakistan for the same reason, the city has been the seat to The Mughal Empire, the Sikh Empire and the capital of Pujab in the Mahmud Ghaznavi’s Empire and British Empire.The history, institutions, food, clothing, films, music, faishon and liberal community life style attracts many from all over the country. Lahore is very festive city, the people of the Lahore celebreate many traditions throughout the year, blending Mughal, western and current trends. Lahore has a large Muslim population; Eid-ul-Fitr and Eid-ul-Adha are main religious celebreated event, people decorate their houses and light up the streets and houses roads and bussiness are lit up for the days during these public holidays

Life is beautiful on the street here in Lahore food street, center of traditional Pakistani food. Lahore are known for their love of food and eating. While Lahore has a great many traditional and modern resturants, in recent years western fast food chains, such as McDonald’s, Pizza Hut, Domino Pizza, Subway Sandwich, Dunkin Donuts, Nando’s and Kentucky Fried Chicken have appeared all over the city.There are several places in Lahore famous for its food trends, but recently constructed food street in the historical location of the Lahore (Gawalmandi, Anarkali, Badshahi) has attracted many tourist around the world. Numerous latest trend cafe with the touch of the old, traditional and historical are being opened.M M Alam road in Gulberg here, dozens of high class culinary outlets, ranging from western franchises to traditional , ethinic, or theme resturants, attracts all classes of Lahore citizen.

PPIC3 Lahore

By PPIC3 / NEWS / PPIC3 Lahore, 2020

In order to realize the vision of developing safe cities in the province, PPIC3 Center has been developed for Punjab Police in the city of Lahore, which will be subsequently established in the large cities of the province. Recently, PSCA has installed more than 10,000 cameras on more than 2000 locations for surveillance through a comprehensive survey. That includes the coverage of public institutions, key infrastructure, public roads, crime spots, VVIP routes, entry and exit points places.

PSCA’s premier project PPIC3 is a consolidated hub of integrated policing regulating swift Emergency & Police responses including, but not limited to, intelligent traffic management, dispatch of Punjab Police, PRU and Dolphin Force, 1122 Emergency response, Criminal Identification/Investigations, virtual surveillance and Media Monitoring. Other than safety and security of the host city, this project is also a source of employment to Hundreds of Young IT Professionals who will be instrumental in changing the Police Culture with their enlightened and energetic efforts for a peaceful, prosperous and safer Punjab.